First Official Post!!!

Welcome to My new Blog for My new website Driftwood Images. Im sure over time I will be writing about many things having to do with my photography, travels, workshops, etc.etc.etc… Here is a favorite shot of  mine, taken on a beautiful day @ Gross Reservoir in Colorado. I happen to be an off road enthusiast, and own a large lifted jeep that gets me wherever I need to go. I had met this young lady and set up a shoot for some portfolio/modeling work. Unknown to her at the time my sights were set on this place (Gross Reservoir), only you can not get there without a 4×4 so you could imagine the look of doubt and surprise when she figured out I would be taking her into the middle of the mountains where not a lot of people go for the shoot. Her nerves soon settled and we ended up having a really fun day of shooting and took some outstanding photos. We shot some Portraits, Fine Art Nudes, And some Nudes In Nature.  This is one of my favorite portraits from the shoot. I Turned up the blacks and contrast to achieve the gritty contrasty look I was going for in the image.