The Anatomy of Me

I became interested in Photography around August of 1998 and it soon became something that took over my life. I immediately looked in to furthering my education in photography. I learned everything I could about shooting film, developing negatives, photos, etc. etc. etc. Then sadly after schooling I no longer had access to a darkroom or development supplies. I continued to shoot constantly developing connections with club owners and event promoters and immediately started shooting photos for clubs and events. After a couple of years I had fallen out of the nightlife scene, so I started to pursue a more journalistic style photography, That lasted a couple of years until I discovered my eye leaning in another direction, Landscapes. That is when  I began my love affair with nature photography that has lasted until this day. Most of what I have shot has been a variation of Nature combined with other styles. . . . After A While I decided because I was young and semi talented that it would (for obvious reasons) be great to shoot nudes. . . Oh how I was wrong. My gung-ho attitude to see a nude woman in front of my camera was soon washed away not by the difficulty shooting a nude, but actually shooting a nude and making it look great. Shooting nudes became a challenge, a way to achieve more in photography, learn more. I taught myself how to pose, how lighting really worked, how angles and exposure could wash away all of our imperfections. The learning curve was steep but I feel I  achieved something great! I am always looking to try new things, Take more artistic photos, experiment with time and light, even if that means I ruin a photo or two in the process than so be it. Today I have a couple of Photographic Identities one of them I call Driftwood Images, where I showcase more of my fine art, Nature, Landscapes, Nudes, Bodyscapes, And portfolio work with models. My other Is called Vivo Capture Photography, mine & my wife’s creation. This is we showcase our , Wedding, Bridal, Portrait, Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photography. I hope you love my work as much as I love creating it! Feel free to check out either of my websites, weather you are looking for something to hang on your walls, or someone to shoot your special day! Or shoot me an email here!



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