A little Bit of Ireland!!

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The Giants Causeway | Northern Ireland

The Giants Causeway | Northern Ireland

I’m not much of a writer…. And I’m not much of a businessman…. But I do think I am a good photographer, and I love what I do… This Place ( The Giants Causeway ) In Ireland Is a really strange area of hexagonal shaped columns that jut out of the ocean and land, all at different heights… It is truly amazing and breathtaking to see. Even a bit unworldly looking! Although you would never know it with the 600,000 tourists standing all over it, I mean everywhere I looked all I could see was people. Needless to say I was hugely disappointed with the state of things, and after producing a few shots of the people covered rocks I decided to try another time……

I was looking for 3 things in particular to try to get my great shot.. A great sunset (not common in Ireland), less people, and some wind and water movement… Sundown, knowing the Trolley only ran until 9n I figured that most if not all of the tourists would be gone from the causeway by the time I got down there…. I was wrong, Although not as many as before there were still enough to make me cry inside a little bit… I stuck it out and for one of the first days on our trip I saw a pretty good sunset!!! But alas the water was flat and there were still enough people to make me unhappy with the situation. I stayed there until about 10:30 and then headed back up as the clouds were rolling in and covering the night sky. I was disappointed again ūüė¶

Back at the room, undressed and in bed watching a show with my wife I relaxed for a bit thinking the sky’s were cloudy as they had been before I prepared for bed. Just before decided to go to sleep I happened to look off of the porch to see an incredibly dark sky covered with stars!!! I jumped out of my socks. It only took me about 1 minute to decide that if I didn’t go back down I would never forgive myself. I re-packed for the 40 minute hike back down and hoped the sky would stay with me…. ( a little pre story… ) Apparently the hotel we were staying in has a ghost, a lady in the corridor. I couldn’t help but think of her as I walked down the hill Feeling creepy in the dark and hearing things I continued on….

As I arrived at the bottom of the hill i saw a light coming towards me, “Hey!!! Hey!!” the voice shouted. Yeah whats up I replied. “Would you mind shutting down your flashlight in that direction… I am shooting some stars over the Causeway.” Of course at 1:30 in the morning I would run into a photographer down here. He asked me what I was doing and I looked him in the face and said, Shooting photos… What the hell else would I be doing down here at this time of night… He Laughed. We quickly became friends and spent the night shooting photos of the stars and light painting The Giants Causeway.

The Giants Causeway has a story, and that story goes something like this… A long long time ago the Giants causeway was created by an Irish giant out of 6 sided stones so he could go and fight a Scottish Giant The causeway actually stretches all the way to Scotland But it is all under the ocean and out of sight. He realized how large the Scottish giant was He hid and in a hot pursuit across the causeway to Scotland the causeway was destroyed and sank into the sea, all except for the edges… And that is the legend of The Giants Causeway in a nutshell.

I thought of the ghostly lady in the corridor again. I turned to my new friend… Do you believe in ghosts? It was all downhill from there. After telling ghost stories and shooting for a while longer we both had the hebie jebbies pretty bad. The Causeway is a pretty creepy place at night, Wow! I said telling him about a photo I had just taken. I turned around to tell him to come and check it out only to realize he was already next to me, like RIGHT next to me. He was already leaning in to see the shot so as I turned to tell him to come over my nose brushed his ear. Already creeped out by all of the Ghost stories, weird noises and pitch black I screamed and fell backwards over the edge towards the cliff and water behind me…. reached out and grabbed his jacket just before I went over. AAHHHHHH I screamed again, Don’t ever f*^@&!%ing do that again!!!! You scared the life out of me….. My nerves calmed and we laughed a bit.

It was time to pack up and get the hell out of there. As he went off to load up his gear I decided to shoot off one more shot before I headed back up the hill I set my camera to bulb and started my shot. I took my flashlight and ran up the rocks to the right hand side of the photo to get it lit from a more dramatic angle, I really wanted to see the shapes and curves of the stones and this is that shot! He Offered me a ride back up and I was happy not to have to walk back up that hill again.

As I got back to my room (after walking down those creepy hallways and thinking about the Giants and the Ghostly lady in the corridor ) I Was satisfied, I had gotten the shots I had wanted, I had made a friend, Had a great time and all while the rest of the world was sleeping…. I am never upset that I went somewhere and tried to make that great photo, even if the results were crappy. But I am always upset when I don’t, Get out there and shoot, you might just like what happens, James

The Anatomy of Me

I became interested in Photography around August of 1998 and it soon became something that took over my life. I immediately looked in to furthering my education in photography. I learned everything I could about shooting film, developing negatives, photos, etc. etc. etc. Then sadly after schooling I no longer had access to a darkroom or development supplies. I continued to shoot constantly developing connections with club owners and event promoters and immediately started shooting photos for clubs and events. After a couple of years I had fallen out of the nightlife scene, so I started to¬†pursue¬†a more journalistic style photography, That lasted a couple of years until I discovered my eye leaning in another direction, Landscapes. That is when ¬†I began my love affair with nature photography that has lasted until this day. Most of what I have shot has been a variation of Nature combined with other styles. . . . After A While I decided because I was young and semi talented that it would (for obvious reasons) be great to shoot nudes. . . Oh how I was wrong. My gung-ho¬†attitude¬†to see a nude woman in front of my camera was soon washed away not by the difficulty shooting a nude, but actually shooting a nude and making it look great. Shooting nudes became a challenge, a way to achieve more in photography, learn more. I taught myself how to pose, how lighting really worked, how angles and exposure could wash away all of our imperfections. The learning curve was steep but I feel I ¬†achieved something great! I am always looking to try new things, Take more artistic photos, experiment with time and light, even if that means I ruin a photo or two in the¬†process¬†than so be it. Today I have a couple of Photographic Identities one of them I call¬†Driftwood Images, where I¬†showcase¬†more of my fine art, Nature,¬†Landscapes, Nudes,¬†Bodyscapes, And portfolio work with models. My other Is called¬†Vivo Capture Photography, mine & my wife’s creation. This is we showcase our ,¬†Wedding, Bridal, Portrait, Family, Maternity, and Newborn Photography. I hope you love my work as much as I love creating it! Feel free to check out either of my websites, weather¬†you are looking for something to hang on your walls, or someone to shoot your special day! Or shoot me an email here!


First Official Post!!!

Welcome to My new Blog for My new website Driftwood Images. Im sure over time I will be writing about many things having to do with my photography, travels, workshops, etc.etc.etc…¬†Here is a favorite shot of ¬†mine, taken¬†on a beautiful day @ Gross¬†Reservoir¬†in Colorado. I happen to be an off road enthusiast, and own a large lifted jeep that gets me wherever I need to go. I had met this young lady and set up a shoot for some portfolio/modeling work. Unknown to her at the time my sights were set on this place (Gross¬†Reservoir), only you can not get there without a 4×4 so you could imagine the look of doubt and surprise when she figured out I would be¬†taking¬†her into the middle of the mountains where not a lot of people go for the shoot. Her nerves soon settled and we ended up having a really fun day of shooting and took some outstanding photos. We shot some Portraits, Fine Art Nudes, And some Nudes In Nature. ¬†This is one of my favorite portraits from the shoot. I Turned up the blacks and contrast to¬†achieve¬†the gritty contrasty look I was going for in the image.